It’s just about that time of year when the weather starts getting dramatically warmer and our heads become filled with ideas of summertime debauchery. Fortunately, with Daylight Savings time buttressing our hope that winter is gone for good, St. Patrick’s Day provides us our first opportunity to break out some festive gear and start the day drinking. While most get drunk off Jameson and Guinness, I prefer to get drunk off doughnuts – not just on St. Patty’s Day, but on a fairly regular basis. See Exhibit A: Vietnamese Coffee Doughnuts and Exhibit B: Green Tea Holiday Doughnuts.

Green Tea Powdered Donut Holes 049

I decided to opt for doughnut holes this time, even though I ABHOR the term doughnut holes. The name just does not justify how truly tasty and fun they actually are. Where I grew up, these were known as munchkins. Any kid who ever lived near a Dunkin Donuts knows what I’m talking about. Every birthday, my mother would pick up a neatly packed box of munchkins and I would proudly march into school with them in hand. Girls would squeal in excitement, boys would high five me; I was lunchtime royalty, even if just for one day a year. Needless to say, I have a very positive relationship with doughnut holes.

Green Tea Powdered Donut Holes 051

As with my other go to doughnut recipes, I like to eschew making them from scratch and go straight for the canned biscuit method. Other than the pre-heart attack that often accompanies opening a can of biscuits, there’s really no reason to stress yourself out with making doughnut dough from scratch. Instead of poking holes through the biscuits like traditional shaped doughnuts, all I had to do differently this time was cut them into four equal pieces and roll them into balls. With some heated frying oil and a powdered sugar and matcha powder blend, literally 10 minutes later I had some fresh homemade doughnut holes. They’re dangerously easy to make – I had a dozen in less than an hour!

Green Tea Powdered Donut Holes 012
Green Tea Powdered Donut Holes 035
Green Tea Powdered Donut Holes 046-001

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