It happens every year. I start January off with daily cardio, sugarfree this, sugarfree that and only a month later my healthy streak comes to a screeching halt with the biggest junk food fest all year: the Superbowl. That extra dollop of ranch dressing on your salad or the second spoonful of sugar in your morning coffee pale in comparison to the smorgasbord that is the Superbowl. Eating a salad in the back corner while every other sports jersey donned guest melts their face off with buffalo wings, potato skins, and queso is not only a guarantee of becoming a social pariah, but doing so would be just plain un-American. 

So what’s a girl who loves pigging out to do? Grab that handy cast iron skillet of course! I’ve so often found that when I’m craving something crunchy and deep fried, a good crispy sear from my skillet ends up doing the trick. Additionally, chicken thighs are another great compromise for when I’ve gotten bored of ultra lean protein. Not only is dark meat itself more flavorful, it absorbs other spices and marinades more robustly than lean white meat. And to throw in another perk, chicken thighs are usually sold in bulk and much cheaper than other chicken cuts – perfect if you’re hosting a big, hungry crowd. 

For this year’s football showdown, I’ll be sauteing some chicken thighs in a sweet and sticky ginger honey glaze. The best part of this recipe? Everything goes in one pan. Now THAT’s a touchdown. 

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