Christmas got you feeling bloated? Me too. The holidays have completely ruined my wedding diet jumpstart. Luckily, that bright beacon of hope that is New Years is just around the corner, beckoning us to dust off those gym bags and drop off those few pounds that have been plaguing us since swimsuit season. Why not start with your New Year’s Eve party? With all the boozin’ and the shmoozin, you and your guests will appreciate some tasty finger food that they won’t feel guilty about the next morning. 

Enter edamame – my personal favorite health food. Not only is it a healthy snack alternative, but incredibly versatile to work with. You can keep it simple with some sea salt or dress it up with a variety of dips and sauces. I personally love making dip with it, satisfying my desire for something with a creamy texture without feeling too guilty after I look down and realized I’ve taken the last scoop. With just a few ingredients, you can add a little kick to a snack that up to now you thought only made an appearance before a sushi dinner. I personally serve this dip with a side of cheesy wonton chips – another flavorful snack that uses 4 ingredients or fewer!

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