Vietnamese Breakfast Bao (Bánh Bao)

A new year, a new beginning. While the latter half of 2016 may have ushered in several unpleasantries, I can’t deny that I have been blessed with many wonderful opportunities this year. First and foremost, I finally moved back to New York City (and convinced a nice Midwestern boy to tag along)! As you may … Continue Reading

Samosa Hashbrowns

As you all know by now, Asian fusion is kind of my jam. Readers are always asking me, “How do you come up with your recipes? I never would have thought to mix x and y to make z!” I think the secret to being innovative comes with appreciating and understanding the process rather than … Continue Reading

Shiitake Mushroom and Bok Choy Quiche

Happy Easter! I actually don’t celebrate the holiday but I am a sucker for bunny rabbits and anything with eggs. Decided to make something healthy and light for lunch and voila a shiitake mushroom and baby bok choy quiche. It’s even (gasp) vegetarian! Light and savory and suitable for any meal of the day. Pro … Continue Reading

Coconut Curry French Toast

I’ve never really been a breakfast person until brunch became an overnight millennial social establishment and I realized that waking up to the smell of my boyfriend making fresh coffee and eggs is a magical feeling. However, as soon as I sit down at an establishment that serves breakfast food, I am met with my … Continue Reading