Valentine Almond Flowers

You know how people always equate the act of unveiling an unglamorous truth about something beloved to “learning how sausage is made?” This sentiment is exactly how I feel about baking. After learning that the secret to making almost every cherished American dessert is somewhere between two sticks of butter and two cups of sugar, … Continue Reading

Matcha Mint Mocha Chip Ice Cream

Rainy days, lots of spare time, and a brand new ice cream maker leads to dangerous and delicious outcomes. As with most things in life, once you master making anything from scratch, it’s difficult to return to the status quo. I certainly feel that way about ice cream. There is something so redeeming about bringing … Continue Reading

Matcha Powdered Doughnut Holes

It’s just about that time of year when the weather starts getting dramatically warmer and our heads become filled with ideas of summertime debauchery. Fortunately, with Daylight Savings time buttressing our hope that winter is gone for good, St. Patrick’s Day provides us our first opportunity to break out some festive gear and start the … Continue Reading

Dragonfruit Macarons

Say what you want about Valentine’s Day but it is easily one of my favorite holidays. Yes, it can get a bit sappy and overhyped with all the contrived romantic gestures, but there is so much more to romance than just the cheesy stuffed animals (or in my case, the cheesy stuffed pizzas). One of … Continue Reading