Sriracha Bloody Mary

Food Advertising by I love a good ritual. With change being the only constant in life, rituals allow me to cling onto something special, something I can reliably look forward to even on my worst days. My Saturday morning ritual? I wake up at 5:30 AM to go to the Dane County Farmer’s Market, which … Continue Reading

Japanese Mule sake / ginger beer / ginger / cucumber / lime / cilantro

The Moscow Mule was born out of a vodka craze in the 1950s. Story has it, the recipe was crafted by three friends who owned the largest ginger beer and vodka companies at the time. However, despite being named for traditionally Russian vodka, the classic cocktail’s ingredients seem pretty Asian to me. Ginger, lime, and … Continue Reading

Coconut Lime Gin Fizz

Happy Mother’s Day! I think one of the best parts of celebrating Mother’s Day as an adult is that I get to do fun grown up things with my mom. No more laboring over finger paintings and macaroni jewelry – I’m ready to hit the spa after some brunch! And what Mother’s Day brunch would … Continue Reading

Thai Basil Julep Bourbon / Lemongrass / Thai Basil

Food Advertising by Don’t the smell and taste of fresh herbs make a refreshing cocktail even more invigorating? As if that weren’t already an excuse to feature them in your drinks, it’s the Kentucky Derby weekend! Time to break out the crazy hats and mint juleps! I experimented with Thai basil and added some lemongrass … Continue Reading