Spicy Cajun Chicken Pasta Brown Ratty Recipe

Isn’t it strange how reuniting with old faces and places brings you back to the exact age you were when you first experienced everything? I recently returned from my 5 year college reunion at Brown and am not quite ready to let go of all those warm, nostalgic feelings. Perhaps it was when I googled … Continue Reading

Homemade Miso Sesame Gnocchi

While the pressure to stay constantly connected and up to date is at its highest in the era of information we currently live in, I often find the barrage of social media and advertising a tremendous source of daily inspiration. Yes, like many, I am occasionally guilty of texting during dinner or snapping a few … Continue Reading

Chicken Tikka Masala Pizza

Food Advertising by Ah pizza – so simple, tasty and affordable that we often forget the individual components that make it so great. Perhaps you’re more of a topping enthusiast; you love sinking your teeth into a classic slice of pepperoni after a night on the town or glamming it up with some arugula and … Continue Reading

Ramen Gnocchi

I’m not a big fan of watching TV, but I am a sucker for a good documentary, especially one about food. I’m a bit late to the game, but last weekend’s chilly weather led me to PBS’s “Mind of a Chef,” a series that showcases foods and cuisines in both a cultural and scientific lens. … Continue Reading