Homemade Miso Sesame Gnocchi

While the pressure to stay constantly connected and up to date is at its highest in the era of information we currently live in, I often find the barrage of social media and advertising a tremendous source of daily inspiration. Yes, like many, I am occasionally guilty of texting during dinner or snapping a few … Continue Reading

Chicken Tikka Masala Pizza

Ah pizza – so simple, tasty and affordable that we often forget the individual components that make it so great. Perhaps you’re more of a topping enthusiast; you love sinking your teeth into a classic slice of pepperoni after a night on the town or glamming it up with some arugula and prosciutto on a … Continue Reading

Ramen Gnocchi

I’m not a big fan of watching TV, but I am a sucker for a good documentary, especially one about food. I’m a bit late to the game, but last weekend’s chilly weather led me to PBS’s “Mind of a Chef,” a series that showcases foods and cuisines in both a cultural and scientific lens. … Continue Reading

Hoisin BBQ Chicken Pizza

Even though I currently reside in Wisconsin, home of the deep fried cheese curd, my Jersey roots still dictate that pizza is the ultimate comfort food. It brings coworkers together after a long day in the office and its aroma on Friday night brings joy to kids everywhere. It’s versatile, affordable, and just plain delicious. … Continue Reading