Lotus Root Chips

Lotus root is one of my absolute favorite foods. In Vietnamese culture, they are considered quite an auspicious food as the lotus flower is a symbol of Buddhism and serenity. I grew up munching on candied lotus root for Tết and sipping lotus root tea whenever I was sick. Not only is it a versatile … Continue Reading

Wasabi Pea Guacamole

Food Advertising by As an Asian fusion food blogger and an overall food enthusiast, I love creating my own recipes and adding a different, modern touch to traditional dishes. If recipes are my masterpieces, then the ingredients I use are my oils and paints. Likewise, I genuinely appreciate seeing how other foodies, culinary artists, and … Continue Reading

Banh Mi Tacos

After picking up pâté from the grocery store with every intention to make traditional banh mi for dinner, I realized that with Cince de Mayo just around the corner, tacos sounded like a much better idea. Luckily, Vietnamese and Mexican food share many of the same fresh ingredients, such as lime, jalapenos, and cilantro, so … Continue Reading

Homemade Green Tea Pocky

I absolutely love Pocky. Although it still maintains its Asian dessert quality by not being too sweet, Pocky is probably known by anyone who knows an Asian or has stepped foot in an Asian food store. For those of you who haven’t heard of Pocky, they’re Japanese cookie sticks dipped in frosting, kind of like … Continue Reading