Coconut Butternut Squash Soup

With the holidays quickly approaching, I’m trying my best to eat healthy now so I feel less guilty gorging on pumpkin pie, gingerbread cookies and copious amounts of gravy over the next several weeks. The cruelest thing about starting any diet is that you immediately crave everything you’re not supposed to have simply because you … Continue Reading

Chicken Noodle Miso Soup (for the soul)

I wish I had a better excuse for my most recent hiatus, but to be frank, I simply gave up for a bit. It’s like going to the gym; you miss one day of working out and magically every day thereafter not only do you continue skip the gym, but you also find it in … Continue Reading

Wasabi and Mint Cucumber Gazpacho with Sausage Relish

Food Advertising by Apologies for the recent hiatus. I’m writing from my bed, recovering from the wisdom teeth extraction I’ve been putting off for nearly a decade. While the inconveniences that accompany such a surgery have been literal pains, nothing makes me as sadder than not being in the kitchen whisking, roasting, and munching the … Continue Reading

Creamy Red Curry Salmon

Food Advertising by While curry is a prominent flavor in many South and Southeast Asian dishes, “curry” is actually more of a catchall term to describe a fragrant combination of ground spices or a spicy paste. In fact, a typical curry doesn’t even contain the curry leaf from which it derives its name. Such is … Continue Reading